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 Ifton Heath School Development- PUBLIC CONSULTATION - 20/04/2020



Meetings - Following the latest update from the government the Chairman/Vice-Chairman & Chairman of Finance have agreed that all meetings of the Parish Council are now suspended until further notice.

Parish Issues - it is most important that members of the parish let me know in the first instance or any of our Councillor’s any concerns or reports they have including those from the general public on street lights, pot holes and other parish issues on a daily basis. Contact details on this website. 

St Martins Parish Council Emergency Procedures due to Coronavirus

The special information bulletin issued by SALC on 13th March 2020 contradicts our discussion at our March Parish Council meeting on our suggested procedure for meetings and decisions to deal with the possible scenarios resulting from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, the SALC notice makes clear that Parish Council meetings cannot by law be held as tele or video conferences simply because they are supposed to be meetings at which members of the public are entitled to be present.. This means that we simply need a process that allows the delegated powers (to no less than two of the Chair of Council, the Vice Chair of Council and the Chair of Finance, in conjunction with the Parish Clerk if available) to be brought into effect in circumstances where a physical meeting of the Council cannot take place. The following diagram does, I hope, identify such circumstances and the actions needed to deal with them



Flow chart of delegated powers 2020


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