Multi User Games Area (MUGA) – have your say….

Published: 30 November 2023

The St Martins Recreational Project has been working on providing additional recreational facilities within the parish. The submitted bid, to the Football Foundation for a 3G pitch, has not been successful; another round of funding may be available in 2-3 years’ time.

The Parish Council and The 3-18 Education Trust (St Martins School) are now working together to provide a multi-user games area (MUGA) that will be used by the School, but will also be available for other village sports club and parish residents to use in the evening, weekends and school holidays. 

MUGAs come in different sizes and with different surfaces; some being better suited to specific sports than others. To inform the choice of size and surface the project team would like opinions from the Community – no point providing a facility that no-one will use!  

This questionnaire is an opportunity for you to provide answers on when and how you would use such a facility if it was installed from 2025 onwards. If you are not interested in using the MUGA there is no need to complete. 

This questionnaire will be shared with the neighbouring villages as residents from outside of St Martins would be welcome to use these facilities too. 

Multi User Games Area (MUGA) – have your say Questionnaire